Moganshan Natural Home Inn

LangJiaCun, Moganshan, Moganshan, Chine

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Moganshan after that one away from the hustle and bustle of the city, advocating eco-natural small courtyard.

Here to Yama arashi as eaves, with green bamboo as curtain, with running water for pleasure, tile homes quiet, empty mountains Mongolia, unknown blackbirds often to peek, the mountain with endless fun and relaxation.

The morning to wake up in the exquisite birds, climb the stairs and pick first flower blooming flowers; night under the stars breathing clean mountain air, the Qiuchong in Siyousiwu sing in sleep.

Rain forest, where sound poetry, and Yama arashi smoke, it seems no ink of the painting; summer skies, washing mountains depressed people heart and spleen, spotless, 10000 read sublimation; Autumn Moonlight, The sound of ear pleasing rhyme flow, is worth octave unison ; winter round the fire, sky snow Qingwu, clad in silvery white, suspected sanctuary.

Seeking delicacies small children here, hoe the field, Han, village women annual subscription fee stove, cooking on a new tea girl.Smoke around the film field, and ancient pines, goods village Barilla, the light on Romantic Village mash, garden vegetables, then Sangma fine chemicals. Movement here are affordable, you can out of danger mounted, riding the mountains, several board command ping-pong, playing some badminton racket, swimming pool clean springs, endless joy; also several volumes of poetry and literature, a cup of tea, looking for ancient and modern phrases made, Dan-ink drawing, listening to who lives on a bright, picturesque country.

'Air Hill the new rain, the weather come late fall. Moon Song illuminates, the clear upper stone.' Accidentally found here actually and Wang, 'Mountain Autumn Evening' in the mood so fit. Life is limited, Decipher boundless heaven and earth the general! Where to find cool world, where is the spiritual home? Try a far the most in the simple heart to sentiment, are in nirvana heart in the natural.Suddenly, you will find that life was that simple and clear, without too much of this life Excessive Magnificence and Ukena. But for the occasional passing 10,000 m altitude of aircraft, only to remind you that in modern society with their own exclusive 'Wonderland.'
This is the mountain located in the Mogan 'Lang Village' in the 'naturalhome'! Here is your noise away from the earth, things dragged the ideal refuge country; in that you need to close all the modern communication tools, simply brew a pot of tea or holding the cup of coffee, deep breath of 'mu of bamboo forest' fragrance filter air, cozy listen to the birds, smell the flowers, Doudou dog, listen to the voice bamboo, overlooking the mountains; enjoy the true spirit of their own country.

Les prix sont par personne et par nuit.

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Politique d'annulation

Cette propriété a une politique d'annulation de 1 jours. Si vous n'annulez pas dans cet intervalle de temps, vous devrez payer des frais d'annulation du montant de la première nuit de votre séjour.

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if you get here by taxi from Deqing Bus Station, please call us : (the phone number will be in your confirmation email) so that we can help to talk with the taxi driver to take you here