Sitting On The City Walls Courtyard House

57 NianZi HuTong, JingShanHouJie, DongCheng District, 베이징, 중국, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 2.3km
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For carrying forward Unique Indigenous Culture of Beijing and Quintessence of Chinese Culture, from now on, book any type of room(including dorm bed) for continuous 5 nights and none cancellation after check in, you will enjoy a free Peking Opera Ticket per person on Tuesday or Friday.

( LiYuan Theater, since 1991, Theater Price 280/p,Seat in red section, first floor)

Sitting on the City Walls is an attractive hostel housed in a beautifully-renovated traditional courtyard house in old town Beijing. We offer private and dormitory accommodation in rooms equipped with en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, wireless internet access and security lockers.

We are located at the heart of ancient Peking, just a few minutes walk from such sights as the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, WangFuJing shopping street and BeiHai Park. The surrounding area is home to plenty of shops and eateries.

Our friendly staff can provide a taste of true Chinese culture, arranging for guests to learn to write a few characters of the Chinese language with a brush pen, sing a line or two of Peking Opera, prepare their own dumplings or make a traditional kite.

Among a wide range of facilities available to guests, we have a common room, a bar, restaurant and caf, a mini-supermarket and a 24-hour reception.

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We're located at 'Jing Shan Hou Jie'. That means 'back street of Jing Shan park'; our address in Chinese is: 景 山 公 园 北 , 景 山 后 街, 丁 字 路 口 东 边 路 北 , 碾 子 胡 同 57 号.

Please find the 'SINOPEC Gas station ' first ,it is about 30 meters east of the T junction ( JingShanHouJie and Di'anMen Inner street ). By the East side, you will find a fenced GYM playground which many people play Ping Pong and Chess at daytime, pass the playground turn left that is entrance of the alley with the sign of the '碾子胡同' in Chinese and 'Sitting on the City Walls' in English. Please follow the 'City Walls' sign hung on the wire pole in the alley (Enter the alley you will find a small parking then turn right). Turn into the small alley and walking about 1 minute.

By taxi:
Taxi is very cheap in Beijing. Between 5:00-23:00, the first 3km cost 13 Yuan, then 2.3 Yuan/km. If over 15 km will be 3.45 Yuan/km. You need pay gas surcharge 1 Yuan/ride for a ride Every five minutes of waiting time you'll need pay a 1-2km fee. Between 23:00-5:00 the whole cost will raise about 20%.

Remeber: pay by the receipt, check the distance, plus toll fee if you came from airport.(10 Yuan for T3, Free for T2& T1 to downtown)

Daytime cost: sorry, we can not image waiting fee (bad traffic).

From Airport: 27-28km,45-60 minutes, about 90-100 Yuan.
From Beijing Central Station: 5-6km,20-30 minutes, about 25--30 Yuan.
From Beijing West Railway Station: 12km, 30-45 minutes, about 40--45 Yuan.
From Beijing South Railway Station: 12km,30-45 minutes, about 40-45 Yuan.

Most of the Taxi drivers can not speak English, please learn some Chinese pronunciation:
JingShanHouJie (means name of street景山后街)
DingZiLuKouDong (means East of T junction丁字路口东)
ZhongShiHua JiaYouZhan (means Sinopec Gas station中石化加油站)
NianZi HuTong ( means name of our alley 碾子胡同)

From NanLuoGuXiang metro station (line 6):
About 12-15 minutes' walk. From Exit A, to the ground, facing to the mail street,turn left, you can see a big sign for JingShan Park. Walking to big crossing, turn left into DiAnMen Inner Street. Go down and hit the red wall of JingShan Park, that is the T junction we mentioned and turn left you can see the Sinopec. The Metro runs 5:00-23:00.

From BeiHai North station (line 6):
This is suitable if you have heavy luggage. From Exit D to the ground, you will find a big bus stop at once. Please take Bus 111 for three stops to JingShanDongJie; cost is 2 Yuan/person. Get off the bus, go back to the corner, cross the street first and turn left. You will find the GYM only 30 meters away, that is the NianZiHuTong.
From the airport:
Take the Airport Express to the last stop (DongZhiMen). Transfer to line 2 and go for two stops to ChaoYangMen, transfer line 6 and get off at either NanLuoGuXiang station (3 Yuan)or BeiHai North station (4 Yuan) and then follow directions as above. The Airport Express is 25 YUAN/person and runs 6:00-22:00.
If you're a group of 2-4 people, a taxi will be more economical.
Alternately, take the Airport Express to DongZhiMen and then take bus No.107 for eight stops to DiAnMenWai (地安门外). Get off the bus, go straight past the crossing and go down. Hit the red wall of JianShan Park, that is thee T junction we mentioned. Turn left and you will find the gas station. The bus costs 2 Yuan/person and runs from 5:00-23:00.

From Beijing Central Station:
Take line 2 for two stops to ChaoYangMen, then transfer to line 6 and get off at either NanLuoGuXiang station (3 Yuan)or BeiHai North station (4 Yuan) and then follow directions as above..

From Beijing West Railway Station:
Take Line 9 for two stops to BaiShiQiaoNan, then transfer to line 6 and get off at either NanLuoGuXiang station (4 Yuan)or BeiHai North station (4 Yuan) and then follow directions as above.
From Beijing South Railway Station:
Take Line 4 for seven stops to PingAnLi, then transfer to Line 6 and get off at either NanLuoGuXiang station (4 Yuan)or BeiHai North station (4 Yuan) and then follow directions as above.