Genghis Khan in the Golan

Givat-Yoan Golan heights, Bnei Yehuda, 이스라엘

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Ginges khan offer 5 Mongolian tents, which can contain up to 8 people each, in attractive price. There is an air-conditioner in the tents, private bathroom attached to each tent,

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Arrival by bus:
There are two options, direct bus to Givat-Yoav or bus to Tiberius and from Tiberius to Givat-Yoav.

1. Direct bus to Givat Yoav:

Direct bus from Tel-Aviv to Kazerin via Kursi Junction, located 10 minutes drive from Givat Yoav (about 3 hours long drive from Tel-Aviv). Get off the bus at Kursi Junction.
� Sun
Departure hours line 843: 09:30; 16:00
� Mon - Thu
Departure hours line 843: 16:00
� Fri
Departure hours line 843: 12:15
� Sat
Departure hours line 843: 20:30

Direct bus from Jerusalem to Kazerin via Beny-Yehuda (about 4 hours long drive from Jerusalem). Get off the bus at Beny-Yehuda.
� Sun - Thu
Departure hours line 966: 08:15; 17:15
� Fri
Departure hours line 966: 12:15

2. Take a bus to Tiberius central bus station.
There are direct bus lines arriving from Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Nazareth.
Please contact the 'Egged' bus company information center (dial *2800 from any local phone or visit website) for line numbers, departure schedule and drive duration.

Take a bus from Tiberius central bus station to Givat Yoav (about 35 minutes long drive)
� Sun - Thu
Departure hours line 18: 14:25; 19:10
Departure hours line 19: 12:00
� Fri
Departure hours line 18: 12:05; 14:45
� Sat
Departure hours line 19: 22:45

Arrival by car:

For those arriving from Acre, Zephath, Nahariya etc.
� From Ami-ad cross junction (roads no. 90 and 85)
� 1.5km south-east on road 90
� left at Korazim junction to road no. 8277 and drive 8km
� In the T junction turn left to road no. 87 and drive 5km
� Right at Yehudia junction to road no. 92 and drive 9.5km
� Left at Kursi
See below Kursi to Givat Yoav.

For those arriving from Haifa, Nazareth, Tel-Aviv via Wadi Milek
� From Golani cross junction (roads no. 77 and 65)
� 8.5km north-east on road no. 77
� Right at the traffic light at Poria junction and drive 10km on road 768
� Left at Alumot square junction and drive about 3km on road 767
� Right at Kinneret T junction and drive ahead 2.5km on road 90
� Drive ahead at the next 2 squares. Note the road number changes to 92 at Tzemach junction.
� 1.5km and turn left on Ma'agan junction (still road no. 92)
� 15km and turn right on Kursi junction
See below Kursi to Givat Yoav.

For those arriving from Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv via Wadi Ara
� Arrive to She'an cross junction (roads no. 71 and 90)
� Drive 26km north on road 90
� Turn right at Tzemach junction to road 92
� Drive 1.5km and turn left on Ma'agan junction (still road no. 92)
� Drive 15km and turn right on Kursi junction
See below Kursi to Givat Yoav.

Kursi to Givat Yoav:
� 11km along cursive road no. 789 which climbs up to the south part of the Golan Heights
� Right at the first square and then again right at the second square into Givat Yoav
� Drive ahead for about 500 meters and turn right after the Gas station

� Drive down the road until you will see 'Genghis Khan in the Golan' accommodation village on your right.