Pirwa Backpackers Familiar

Calle Carmen Alto # 283, Cusco, 페루, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 0.6km

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Find the Pirwa Backpackers Prada in the heart of Miraflores, one of the greenest parts in town. You will find a variety of restaurants with influences from all around the world just around the corner. These also include some local restaurants, where you will be able to get set menus for a budget price.

The centrally located Parque Kennedy being surrounded by restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs is only a short walk from the hostel. During the daytime you might be able to see an art exposition, but especially in the early night hours you will find locals dancing or playing music for a spontaneous open air get together. One of the various artistic centers is only two minutes from the hostel. Your feed will get you to the great diversity of nightlife in the capital within a few minutes. The historical city center and other major attractions are just a short taxi ride away.

Our hostel provides you with a choice of indoor and outdoor facilities, where you will make the choice, if you want some privacy or join in with some other travelers. Have a couch day and join in for a movie in our TV lounge or play some pool with your friends. Our guest kitchen, which is available for you at any time, is the perfect opportunity to prepare delicious meals for your friends and you. Our terrace gives you the perfect opportunity to work on your taint in a private atmosphere, being blogged from views. You will also find assistance to book your next trip within our facilities, have it more secure and safe a lot of time. Enjoy a hot shower at any time of the day. You can choose from a variety of dormitories and private rooms.

We are looking forward to welcome you in the capital at a better place to stay

With its social room, patio and common kitchen it is still a great place to meet travellers, but in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Check out the top floor rooms with its panel glass roof parts, you`ll be able to enjoy the stars in the sky from your bed.
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Need a Pickup?
We provide pickups in our private transport at competitive prices! For up to three people, the cost from the airport is S/20.00 soles

If you wish to arrive independently, a taxi is your best bet. In this case, please note the following recommendations:

- Choose a registered taxi from inside the airport or bus terminal, rather than one from the street.
- Be wary of drivers who try to divert travelers to other hostels in order to win a commission.
- Negotiate the price before entering the taxi.