Dana Hotel

Dana Hotel, Tafila, Dana, 요르단, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 10.1km

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Dana Village offers over 500 years of living tradition. The village overlooks the beautiful Wadi Dana that reveals breathtaking sunsets and a natural canyon as far as the eye can see. The village is quaint and small, home to 40 families who continue to live a simple lifestyle. The homes of Dana are original reminants of the area's first settled inhabitants and are closely centered about the community mosque.

The hotel is operated by the Local Qadisiyya Eco-Tourism Cooperative, a local community striving to continue the village preservation efforts. While visiting the Hotel and enjoying guided and self guided walks around Dana Village and the Dana Nature Reserve, you are helping this community preserve the charming centuries-old lifestyle and tradition.

The Dana Nature reserve is one of Jordan's most dynamic and impressive natural sites, covering 320sq km.The reserve is home to an impressive 1300 species of wildlife. Dana Village sites near the highest point of the reserve, at 1150 meters, offering spectacular views of the wadi below. Trails throughout the area allow for easy trekking and viewing in this stunning area. Dana also boasts a comfortable mild climate, which makes it an ideal stop for hiking or relaxing at any time of the year.

A stay at our Hotel is a completely unique experience. Internationally designed to compliment the surrounding architecture. The hotel rests in the heart of Dana Village just across from the mosque.

As you are surrounded by the natural beauty of the Wadi Dana and lavished with traditional Arab hospitality, prepare to lose yourself in this mountain village of dreamy skies and stone arches.

Our hotel is the only hotel in Jordan run directly by the local community. Your visit will let you experience 500 years of old traditional ambience.

Newly renovated.
Casual and friendly service.
Knowledgeable and helpful local staff.
Traditional Arabic food and music.
We can accomodate your party with local entertainment (music and dancing)
At night you can enjoy dinner, music and dancing under our Bedouin tent on the roof top, or stroll through the historic stone village to witness the extraordinary sunset across Wadi Dana.
Advanced reservations for groups is strongly recommended.
Rooms with private bath, shared bath or dormitory, 24 hrs hot water, laundry service, clean and tidy rooms, rooftop camping, good location to tourist center, free luggage storage and safe, heating, internet service, wifi.
Reasonable prices - breakfast inc, dinner 5 JD pp (excluding tips).
All located in the centre of ancient Dana Village.

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By Bus
From Petra: There is no direct bus from Petra (Wadi Musa) to Dana Village. You must take a bus from the Wadi Musa bus station to Ma'an, the main hub. Buses are reliably available in the morning but are infrequent after noon. From Ma'an, take the bus to Tafila via Al Qadisiyya. Tell bus driver to drop you off at the turnoff to Dana Village. Buses to Tafila from Ma'an are available all day until 4pm.
From Aqaba: There are two ways to get to Dana Village from Aqaba. The first is to catch one of two early morning buses to Tafila( approx. JD3), between 6am and 10am. Tell the driver to drop you off at the turnoff to Dana Village. The second route from Aqaba to Dana Village is to take a bus from Aqaba to Ma'an. Buses to Ma'an are available all day until 3pm. From Ma'an take a bus to Tafila. Buses are available all day until 4pm. Tell the driver to drop you off a the turnoff to Dana Village.
From Amman: Arrange for a taxi to take you to the South Bus Station in Amman (approx. 2 - 4JD). Take the bus to Tafila (JD2.55) which will end at the North Bus Station of Tafila. You must then walk about five minutes south along the main street to the South Bus Station of Tafila which will be located on the right hand side of the road. At the South Station, take a bus to Al-Qadisiyya(JD0.5). Tell the driver to drop you off at the turnoff to Dana Village.

By Car
From Amman: From Seventh Circle take the Desert Highway south to Aqaba. About 180km south of Amman take the turnoff to Tafila. Drive through Tafila and continue going south to Al-Qadisiyya. Before entering Qadisiyya take the turnoff to Dana Village.
From Dead Sea: Take the Dead Sea Highway south to the turnoff to Tafila. At the T-intersection at the top of the mountain turn right, following the signs to Ma'an, Petra & Al-Qadisiyya. Before entering Qadisiyya take the turnoff to Dana Village.
From Aqaba: Take the Desert Highway north heading towards Amman. Take the turnoff to Tafila / Dana Nature Reserve 40 km north of Ma'an. Turn left at the T intersection to Al-Qadisiyya. Turn right at the turnoff to Dana Village.
From Petra: Take the 35 Highway north to Shobak. Continue north through Al-Qadisiyya to the turnoff to Dana Village.

Our Hotel provides free pick up from the Al-Qadisiyya bus station or the Dana Village turnoff, if needed. Please call in advance.

Latitude: 3040'30 N
Longtitude: 3036'35 E
Altitude: 1,300 m