La Casa de Victor

Calle de Enriqueta Lozano, 22 – 2º B, Granada, 스페인, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 1.4km
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Granada B&B Homestay is now La Casa De Victor (Victor's home). The name has changed; the homey feel about it has not. In our family run guesthouse our guests can enjoy a clean, quiet double room with private bathroom. Free self-service breakfast is included with your accommodation and there is a fridge and free tea and coffee making facilities in the room. Our place is definitely not recommended for party animals but if you want to do lots of sightseeing during the day and be able to sleep like a log at night then this is the place for you!

We are right in the centre of Granada, five minute walk from the cathedral. You can visit everything on foot from here and there are also frequent direct buses to and from the Railway Station, the Bus Station and the Airport. We are also very close to the Conference Centre.

This is a family run B&B and therefore there is not a 24 hour reception service, you need to arrange your arrival date in advance with your hosts. We only offer accommodation for adults, no children. We do not accept pets. Smoking is not allowed. Cancellation Policy: 72 hours before your arrival date.

This is a family run B&B and therefore there is not a 24 hour reception service, you need to arrange your arrival date in advance with your hosts.

Minimum age 13. Teenagers below legal age must always be with their parents or tutors

We do not accept pets. Smoking is not allowed.

Cancellation Policy: 72 hours. Each night cancelled less than 72 hours in advance will be charged.
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이 숙소는 1일 취소 정책이 있습니다. 이 시간 내에 취소하지 않으면 체류 첫날 밤에 부과되는 숙박료와 똑같은 금액의 취소 수수료가 발생합니다.

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La Casa De Victor is not a hotel and there is not a receptionist here. Arrivals are not accepted before 10:00 or after 23:00 and you must always inform your host of your travel plans and arrival time well in advance. In case of last minute changes do your best to contact your host as soon as possible. Please, always act like you would if you were to stay at a friend's to avoid you and your host any inconveniences. Thanks!

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We are in the center, only a 5 minute walk from Puerta Real. There are buses to Puerta Real from the airport, Bus Station and Railway Station.

It is less than 5 minutes from Puerta Real bus stop to our place. There are three consecutive squares from Puerta Real, each with a fountain in the middle: Fuente de Las Batallas, Plaza del Campillo and Plaza Mariana Pineda, from which our Street begins. Once on Enriqueta Lozano Street walk two blocks until you get to number 22 which is on your right. Look for the bell numbered 2 B and ring it. If you do not arrive at the time you gave with your reservation chances will be that you will not find anyone there to let you in. Please do not disturb the neighbors, phone Victor instead to make a new appointment.

Take the airport bus and get off at Puerta Real. Then follow the directions above. Alternatively a taxi to our front door would cost you about 25 Euros.

Go up Avenida Andaluces (500 meters) and turn left on Avenida de Constituci嚙緯. Get to the local bus stop called CONSTITUCION 2 and from there take any of these buses: 1, 3, 7, 9. Get off at Puerta Real and from there follow directions above. Note: It is safe to walk all the way from the Railway Station to our place even at night but please note it is a long 45 minute walk as the Railway Station is far from the center.

Take any of these buses: 3, 33. The Bus Station is not in a nice area and it is outside town about a 90 minute walk from us. It could be dangerous not only at night but even at midday. Please do not walk from there! Do not put yourself at risk to save a couple of euros. Save money in other things. Get off the bus at Puerta Real and from there follow directions above.

If you have your own CAR please note it is not allowed to enter in our street (it is only for residents) and finding a car space for free in the center is just impossible. You have two options: Get to Puerta Real and leave the car in Parking Puerta Real which is the closest to us (Price is 21 Euros per 24 hours) or leave the car as far from the center as possible in a neighborhood where parking in the street is free such as the south east area across river Genil from the center (Zaidin for example). Expect a long walk back (about 20 minutes).

To get to Puerta Real by car take highway A-44 / E-902 to Motril and take turn off number 131 (Palacio de Congresos / Armilla). 500 meters pass the Conference Centre turn left and cross the river at Paseo Del Salon into Acera del Darro and then Puerta Real.

To park for free in the street ignore the bridge after the Conference Centre and continue along the river on Paseo de los Basilios, then turn right ON Callej嚙緯 del Pretorio and start looking for a free space. Always go along Callejon del Pretorio and keep the river behind you. The further from the river the greater your chances of finding a space are. Expect a 10 to 20 minute walk from the car to La Casa de Victor depending on how far from the river you found a space for your car