Jiuzhaigou Antuo Courtyard Hostel

San Zhai, Zhang Zha Town, Jiuzhaigou, 중국, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 67.7km

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The Antou Small Garden Youth Hostel, free experience, do not spend a penny

The Antou Small Garden Youth Hostel, free experience, do not spend a penny, let you enjoy the Jiuzhaigou Tibetan huts Hostel. Garden hut, enjoying the afternoon sun and coffee.
You can bring a favorite book box magazine, or add a little decoration to the shop, then OUR FREE 8:00 human the Bedspace a limited stay of a person; If you want to stay in Jiuzhaigou ten days or two weeks, but so many do not want to burden the room rate, you can to our restaurant to laundry sweeping cooking as a volunteer (obey manager arrangements, organization of work: general cleaning in the morning room, you can go out and play around 6:00, please come back and help receive guests Check and dining). Haha, as long as you are diligent enough, as long as you have enough time. Come on, Amdo small courtyard welcome you!
Looking for talent:
Garden hut, you can enjoy the plateau in the sun and Ganglameiduo (flower) the Jiuzhaigou colorful haizi, and Jiuzhaigou in summer as in spring OK.
The Amdo hospital is now looking to speak English, fluent in conversation with the guests, and responsible for the reception, arrange guests. If you like cooking, if you wanted to spend your summer vacation in Jiuzhaigou, ready to spend a month, or you are willing to come here to work long-term, Amdo small hospital is willing to provide you with a warm and comfortable work environment. Students, foreigners and Chinese, etc. can be.
Hostel Profile:
The Jiuzhaigou Antou Small Garden Youth Hostel is located in the opposite side of the Industry Bureau of Zhang Zha Town. It is behind the Xiongshi village, and it is only cost 10 minutes to get the Jiuzhaigou spot by car. The hostel is surrounded by Menghuan Jiuzhai, the Trade and Industry Bureau, Xiongshi village, police station, which can help you easy to find us. It is convenient to take a vehicle to the place you want to go. The inside of the hostel is all designed by the host, the interior wall is built by wood, there are special lucky eight treasures were painted in rooms, and there is a platform, Tibet style hall in the second floor. We have laundry and four public bathrooom. The Antou Garden is not far away from the Pengbu helicopter airport, and it is face to the magical moutain. Our address is: Duo Zhe Ke Street No.18, the third team of Jiuzhaigou Zhangzha Town.(Walk along the uphill road and turn left, we are at the opposite side of the Industry and commerce.)

Facilities and services:
Free services: Internet access, WIFI wireless internet, private collection of books, travel magazines, intellectual chess, Mountain View, leisure terrace, surrounding tourist information / data, luggage storage, parking
Paid services: creative market in the Western Bar, Tibetan food and beverage, laundry, chauffeur services, ticketing purchase. We like to travel, and finally stopped to open his own youth hostel in Jiuzhaigou, he was the same with our children, we personally design the hotel, personally a brick and tile plants, and watching him grow up. We design in the small courtyard next to the toilet, as many bathrooms, and each guest in the hotel feel our delicate, as are friends to come. Shared with the lamp, socket, as much as possible to the guests convenience. Jiuzhaigou's a very leisurely pace of life, we like a different life, if you like us to join. !
Traffic Guidelines:
Airport: one way: the most economical --- airport bus, the entire $ 50, got off the plane, the airport hall parking lot, airport bus stop here, directly on the train to buy a ticket on the train gave the master said, I Lion Hill or business get off, get off along Lion Resort next uphill straight and turn left, walk 2 minutes to reach. The second way: the fastest ---- taxi chartered come directly from the airport, get on the train gave the taxi driver comes to Zhangzha three teams, Lion Hill and get off. Good price, be sure to talk with the driver or reservation to the airport over the car. Generally 260-300 .
Shouting locals of the car: guests to take a passenger train from Chengdu, the Jiuzhaigou Ferry Center, do not ignores the roadside soliciting, directly across the street, take a taxi, the car with the taxi driver said: trouble you to the back of the Lion Hill along the slope to 50 meters, Jiuzhaigou Amdo small courtyard Hostel. The whole 10-12 minutes, about 15 yuan. If you fight the car over the guests from the Chengdu, told the taxi driver: Excuse me, I get off at the Lion Hill. 50 meters and then turn left along the uphill walk. See a row of red lanterns, a small hospital on the second floor, where is The Antou Small Garden Youth Hostel.

Address:Duozeke Street No.18 , Zhangzha town ,Jiuzhaigou (Opposite the Agricultural Bank of China)九寨沟漳扎镇夺则克街18号(农业银行对面)
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