San Giorgio Villa

Kastraki, Kalambaka, 42200, Kalambaka, 그리스, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 2.6km

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''San Giorgio Villa'' is a room and apartments accommodation complex which is located right in the middle of Meteora whole region and specifically in Kastraki traditional village.

Our Villa's accommodation in Meteora is ideal as the lodge complex consists of 10 fully furnished rooms and apartments right under the forest of San George Mandilas with its little churce in the foothill of the biggest limestone hill of Meteora.

'San Giorgio' rooms and apartments complex offers the following Villa & Hotel facilities:

Ideal location for resort and lodging as the Villa & Hotel Complex is just next to Saint George Mandilas' forest, right in the heart of Meteora and only 100 meters distance from the central square of Kastraki traditional settlement as well.

* Reception (24 hours)
* Breakfast & Lobby area with fireplace, heating and A/C.
* Living room - Sitting room
* TV
* Private parking
* Fax services
* Internet
* Magnifficent view to Saint Goerge Mandilas forest and Meteora' limestone hills as well

Please Note:
Check In Time: 14:00
Check Out Time: 12:00

Cash and credit cards are accepted for payment of balance.

1인당 가격 (1박).

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Distances (Km) for a road way arrival to Meteora and Kastraki

* Kalambaka - Meteora: 1 Km.
* Trikala - Meteora: 20 Km.
* Athens - Μετέωρα: 340 Km.
* Thessaloniki - Meteora: 220 Km.
* Larisa - Meteora: 102 Km.
* Ioannina - Meteora: 110 Km.
* Igoumenitsa - Meteora: 200 Km. (2 1/2 ώρες)
* Patra - Meteora: 278 Km.
* Kalambaka Train Station - Kastraki (Meteora): 2 Km with a regular price of �3,00 for a TAXI transfer.

Meteora Greece is a travel destination in which any traveler will go easily even choosing a roadway by driving a car, furthermore he takes a train to Kalambaka Trikala or by an airflight through the airports of Athens (Eleftherios Venizelos in Spata) and Thessaloniki (Macedonia).

Meteora located just next to kalambaka city in Trikala Prefecture of Thessaly in Greece and it is also in the foothill of Pindos and Hasion mountains.