Kandy City Hostel

76 Ampitiya Road, 캔디, 스리랑카, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 1.4km

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The Kandy City Hostel (KCH) is determined to provide its guests with an unforgettable stay at the most friendliest Hostel in Kandy.

In developing this sense of community and fun, KCH will host a number of events on a regular basis that will offer a forum for fellow travellers to meet each other, exchange awesome travel stories and provide a platform for the global experience of travel and discovery to be shared for the betterment of everyone.

Kandy City Hostel (KCH) Service Philosophy assures its guests of the following:

Clean & Comfortable Rooms
Polite, Knowledgeable & Professional Staff
Dedicated onsite Security 24x7
A Warm, Friendly and Hospitable Ambiance
Respect for One Another No Matter Who You Are or Where You Come From

1.We don’t accept credit cards at the moment and cash (Repee and Dollars) payment upon check in.

2.Guests must check in between 14:00 and 23:00, and check out between 7:00 and 11:00. Early Check In is possible if beds available but please contact the Kandy City Hostel in this case.

3.If the booking is cancelled less than 1 day before arrival then a charge equal to 100% of the stay will be made. In the event of a no show or booking reduction (after arrival date) no refund will be given.
1인당 가격 (1박).

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예약 가능 여부와 가격을 보려면 날짜를 선택한 후 '날짜 업데이트'를 클릭하세요'

호스텔 시설 & 정책

  • 24시간 보안
  • 어댑터
  • 공항 픽업 및 드롭오프
  • BBQ
  • 자전거 주차
  • 보드 게임
  • 책 교환
  • 일반실
  • 신용 카드가 허용되지 않음
  • 무료 인터넷 액세스
  • 무료 주차
  • 무료 와이파이
  • 냉장고/냉동고
  • 청소
  • 인터넷 액세스
  • 다리미 및 다리미판
  • 키친
  • 세탁 설비
  • 시트 포함
  • 사물함
  • 수하물 보관소
  • 전자레인지
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  • 야외 테라스
  • 주차
  • 독서등
  • 세금 포함
  • 차&커피 시설
  • 투어 여행 데스크
  • 타월 대여
  • 자동판매기
  • 세탁기
  • WiFi

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Directions from the train station: Go towards the lake from the train or bus station. When you reach the lake, keep on the right side of the lake and go straight until the end of the lake. At the end of the lake keep going straight, on your left you should see small stadium with green field and a kindergarten. Passing this you should reach a big turn to the right, Ampityia road, to recognise the road, there should be a tuktuk stand, followed with advert stands. You should turn to that road and keep going straight. Keep looking right as on the wall of tall building you should see a big sign with a red bed and number 76. This is were you find us.