Kiev Central Station

Hoholivs'ka, 25 - apt. 11, Kiev, 우크라이나, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 2.6km

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Since 2007 we are the main backpacker's hostel in Kiev.

What does it mean ?

- A lot of information about the country
- Spontaneous parties
- Best map guidance for your sightseeing
- We point the bars
- Beer fridge for the common area big moments
- No dating old dudes around
- We don't take long terms
- Totally young atmosphere

Fully equipped kitchen, wi-fi, maps, no curfew or lockouts.

Check the websites around, lonely planet and traveler forums.

We are in between the main square and train station, making it easy to move around while sightseeing.

Wanna tour around Ukraine ? AK-47, Soviet Bunkers, Lviv and more ! Also our Chernobyl Tour it's the cheapest in town !

- We are non-smoking place

- No pets are allowed

- No drunk behavior, bad language, crazy football supporters

- No sex tourist place !

- Fun nights, good talking, sharing traveling experiences and friendly very relaxed "latin" environment.
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Pay a lot of attention on the directions and not only printing the google maps, in Kiev doesnt help you much without following the directions to any place, the streets are in cyrillic and there are many similar crosses, so just read and follow the instructions bellow:

Airport (Borispil):

The whole 24 hours of the day you can find Skybus (bus 322), shuttle service at affordable price, it goes from Boryspil Airport to the Central Railway Station (ВОКЗАЛ - Volkzal), taking about one hour. Than follow the Train Station Directions bellow. If you want to take a taxi, should cost you around 220 uah (more or less 12 euros), but they might try to scam you and always negotiate the price before entering the car.

Bus schedule, check here:

* If you arrive by mini bus from the airport, you should cross to the other side of the train station (called old side) to start the following directions, to do so, if you see the golden domed church, leave it behind you walking in the side walk and turn right at the entrance going down (escalators and stairs) that will make you walk under the platforms, than follow the directions bellow:

From Zhiliany Airport, find any bus that can take you to the train station (vokzal central) and follow the directions bellow. By taxi to our place shouldn\'t be more than 80 UAH.


If you like to walk from the train station, follow this instructions from the train station:

1 - Find the round about in front of the Train Station, leave the building behind you and walk forward on the avenue Kominternu, cross a bridge and turn left on the 2nd street (Saksaganskogo, where the traffic will be flowing to the left as well).

2 - Walk till the end, where you reach a big avenue with a boulevard in the middle and you will be able to see a monument with a star on top. Cross to the other side and keep walking, crossing the following street (Olesia Gonchara). Now you are walking in Dmitrivska Str.

3 - After crossing Gonchara you keep walking till the next corner, where you will see kyosks selling drinks and snacks, turn right (this is Vorovskoho) and walk up hill, turning the 2nd street to the left, Hoholivs'ka, our street.

4 - Just to have the number 4, we are the number 25 and it all should take you around 15 minutes, we are the closest one to the train station.

The code on the wooden door is 247, you will see another 2 doors, take the right one (metal) with the code 38, remember to press the numbers at the same time.

We are located in apartment #11, ring our doorbell !!

THERE IS A BUS LINE FROM THE TRAIN STATION, right in front of the building find the Yellow buses on the bus stops with the number \'7\' or \'18+7\', pay when you get in (price written behind the driver), the ride will be short and you have to pay attention in two things: once the bus reach a big avenue with a monument with a star on the top and will turn right (the only right turn this bus will make), count the traffic lights after here: 3 traffic lights, after the 3rd one make him understand you want to get down.

Walk down this street, turn the first right and thats Gogolivska Street, go to building number 25 and there are codes to enter the door: 247 (first door, wooden) and 38 (second at the right, metal), than go upstairs, 4 floors on apartments number 11 and 15. NOTE THAT THE CODES TO WORK you should press the all the numbers at the same time.