Mara House

Salah Al Din Al Ayoubi, Luxor, 이집트, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 1.4km

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Coming to Egypt has been your dream! Your time in Luxor is precious, you've worked hard to get here and I want you to take home happy memories of a

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취소 정책

이 숙소는 1일 취소 정책이 있습니다. 이 시간 내에 취소하지 않으면 체류 첫날 밤에 부과되는 숙박료와 똑같은 금액의 취소 수수료가 발생합니다.

꼭 알아야 할 Hotel 정보

이 숙소는 특정한 이용 약관이 있습니다.

1. Full payment to be made in cash (euros, dollars, sterling) on arrival.

2. On receipt of the booking from hostelworld, Mara House will take a non-refundable deposit consisting of the first night's rental from the credit card provided. The amount of this deposit will be deducted from the balance due on arrival. At time of making reservation please also email your CVC (3 security numbers on the back of your credit card) to Mara House at

3. Cancellations up to 5 days prior to arrival - no cancellation fee is imposed other than the deposit already taken, which remains non-refundable.

4. Bookings cancelled within 5 days of arrival date or in the case of 'no show' are liable for payment of the full booking, which will be deducted from credit card.

5. Guests are required to have their own health, travel, accident and cancellation insurance. Mara House accepts no responsibility for accidents or medical expenses incurred by guests. We accept no responsibility for loss of or damage to personal items, valuables or property.

6. Your email address must be a working, valid email address so we can contact you to confirm receipt of your booking. If you do not receive a confirmation of booking from us then please check that you have given hostelworld your correct email address and also contact

7. If you have not checked in by midnight of the first day of your booking, your full booking will be deemed cancelled, unless you have previously notified us of after midnight arrival.

8. In compliance with Egyptian Law a non-Egyptian wishing to share accommodation with an Egyptian national must present official marriage contract on arrival.

9. Mara House reserves the right to refuse admission or cancel reservations if it becomes apparent Mara House is not suitable to the guests' requirements or the above terms and conditions are not complied with.

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PLEASE look at our terms & conditions if you are making a booking less than 5 days in advance of your arrival date.

TRAIN STATION - The hassle at the train station is BAD!.. Touts and taxi drivers will try to deceive you and take you to alternative accommodation (for a commission from the hoteliers). They most likely will drive you around and around. PLEASE send us your train NUMBER and arrival time we will meet you at the station on arrival for normal taxi fare of 15LE. This will save you time and getting into a bad temper!!

If arriving by car go first to the TRAIN STATION. Now with the train station on your right drive along the train tracks. At the end turn right. Go over the train track and immediately turn right. Keep driving (about 2 mins.) look left and drive into the open space where the buses are. You will see Mara House there. My number is 0107571855. If you are not at Mara House within 5 mins. of leaving the train station then the driver is possibly giving you the run-around! If you come to Brook Animal Hospital and after that a petrol station (both on your left), then you have just gone a little too far....look back over your left shoulder and you will see a very big pink/peach building - that is Mara House.

If you want to walk .....go in the right hand door of the train station and onto the platform. Turn immediate left and go down the steps. Turn right, go up the steps at the other end. Turn right, keep walking 5 - 10 mins. You will pass a bakery on your left, a fire station on your right. When you see in front of you a 5 storey yellow painted building on your right you will see a narrow street on your left. Go into that street and you will see a large open space with tour buses parked. The 4 storey pink/peach building is Mara House.

From the airport....PLEASE give us your arrival details and flight number we will send a taxi for you. and the driver will have a sign 'MARA HOUSE'. The fare is 50LE. This will save you time and the hassle of being driven round and round by a taxi driver looking for more money for his trouble!. If the driver does not know Mara House give him my number to call for directions....BEFORE you get in the taxi.