Moscow Home-Hostel

2 Neopalimovsky per.3, 모스크바, 러시아, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 2.7km

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그 많은 방중에 왜 나를 남자 5명만있고, 와이파이 신호도 가장 약한 자리를 준지 모르겠다. 추가 정보

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Our hostel is nestled in the historic center, perfectly situated near the Old Arbat street and just walking to Red Square.There are two huge common rooms, two kitchens with all facilities, 13 bathrooms with toilets, 4 computers, free wi-fi internet, free coffee and tea, helpful stuff and fun in MHH.

If you are planning to visit Moscow - then Moscow Home Hostel is your best choice! We offer you the best prices (from 11€ for dormitory!), the best location (we are situated in the very center of the city) and the best living conditions. We have 87 beds (67 places in dorms and 9 private rooms), two large kitchens and two comfortable common rooms, where everything is at your service.
Come to Moscow and feel like at home in Moscow Home Hostel - one of the biggest and best known hostels in Moscow.
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From Sheremetyevo International Airport, terminal 2 you can reach the metro station Rechnoy Vokzal by bus 51c.

From Domodedovo International Airport you can reach the metro station Domodedovskaya by bus and it will take you 30 minutes, or you can go by train to the metro station Paveletskaya and it will take you 1 hour.

Then you go to the metro station Park Kultury. There you go along the street Zubovsky Boulevard, on the crossing with Burdenko Street you must turn to the left and walk 50 metres, second turn to the right will be yours and the first building you'll see will be our hostel.

Or you can reach us from the Smolenskaya metro station. There you must go along the street Smolensky Boulevard in direction of Zubovskaya Square, then turn to the right to the 1st Neopalimovsky pereulok, second turn to the left will be yours.