Pingyao Harmony Backpacker Guesthouse

No 1 Duan Xiang Xi Da Jie, Pingyao, 중국, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 1.8km
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Within the ancient walls of Pingyao, there isn't a better guesthouse than the Harmony Guesthouse! We were established 50 years ago: the first guesthouse to be established on the ancient south street. Located 100 meter's from the city's south gate, the building was first built in the Ming dynasty, and contains 30 rooms offering a wide range of choice. Keeping to the original Ming dynasty design, this is one of the best 3* guesthouses in Pingyao.

All the rooms have a bathroom、TV, air conditioning, power sockets and 24 hr hot water, as well as traditional Chinese 'Kang' beds and decoration. We also have Wifi internet access, payphones, and massage and acupuncture!

-Friendly english-speaking staff

-High quality service

-One big international family!

All of the staff speak English in this family run hostel. You can meet other travellers over a cold beer and traditional local home-cooked Chinese dishes or if you prefer Western food! At night the courtyard is lit with sky lanterns which creates an cozy atmosphere to relax and unwind after a long day of sightseeing. We can also book train tickets to a wide variety of destinations and we also offer tours to sights in the city and beyond, such as the famous Wang's Family Courtyard and the Zhang Bi with its underground tunnels.
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호스텔 시설 & 정책

  • 24시간 리셉션
  • 24시간 보안
  • 에어컨
  • 공항 픽업 및 드롭오프
  • 자전거 대여
  • 자전거 주차
  • 조식 불포함
  • 케이블 TV
  • 유료 전화
  • 일반실
  • 전화 / 팩스 시설
  • 무료 인터넷 액세스
  • 무료 주차
  • 헤어드라이기 대여
  • 온수 샤워
  • 인터넷 액세스
  • 시트 포함
  • 사물함
  • 수하물 보관소
  • 통금 시간 없음
  • 야외 테라스
  • 주차
  • 우편 서비스
  • 독서등
  • 레스토랑
  • 안전 금고
  • 수영장
  • 투어 여행 데스크
  • 타월 대여
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We are just 2km from the bus and train station. Take either a battery taxi for about 5 yuan per person or else take the 15 minute walk and take in the sights of this beautiful city:
From Zhongdu Lu head South on to Shucheng Lu. Turn left on to Xi Dajie and enter the city wall ,Lower West Gate (to the right). Walk west straight along Xi Dajie (West Street) for approx. 10 minutes walk, at the left side . there is a line named Duangxiang. No1 that is the harmony hotel and harmonyguesthouse. if you can not find it please make phone call to us 0354-5684963

r name in chinese:和义昌客栈。
Our address in chinese: 平遥.南大街165号.