Man Cheng Hostel

No.88 Dagu Road, Shinan District, Qingdao, 중국, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 6.1km

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Mancheng is a warm home for you on your romantic journey.

We provide cozy accommodations with separate sleeping and washing areas; we provide considerate service with well-appointed facilities, such as air-condition, heater, wireless Internet, public computer, washing machine, self-service kitchen, valuables deposit, tour consolation, bike leasing, reading room and a loan service, bar, DVD, and we can also help you send postcards with free charge.
Enjoying all the amenities of our standard properties, the warm light will bring you comfort and convenience. Hearing the bad jokes from the manager Bob, you will find a lot of fun. Travelers seeking the comforts of home will find just what they're looking for at Mancheng.

Mancheng is located in the old town of Qingdao, which takes 3 minutes to walk from the train station, and five minutes to walk from the airplane Line 2. We are surrounded by a many famous attractions, like the business street on Zhongshan Road, Cathedral, Zhanqiao, German old buildings, etc. It's easy to find the MacDonald's, Yonghe soybean milk, 24 hours convenient stores, banks and the ATM machines. We provide the telephone numbers of the take-out foods, like Sichuan cuisine, hamburgers, fast food, and we also cook plain food by ourselves, which let you keep indoors to enjoy the meals.

We are such creative teenagers that we have dreams and hopes. The society is filled with the steel and cement, money and career. We withdraw from the society and live in the corner of the old town. There is the blue ocean, old cathedral, historic Zhanqiao, old houses, Guligai(manhole covers), market stalls selling breakfast. With a special and complete vision of the beautiful and warm city, you can ride an old bike across the streets, looking for the walls with tangle vines, no matter how the weather is like. Or you can look up the red roofs and green trees, searching everywhere by yourself, tasting the flavor of old Qingdao, feeling the mystical atmosphere of ancient Germany.

We enjoy life, not just to survive. I believe there are some people finding such a home. We carry a bag of beer, tasting bunches of barbecue meet. At such a mutual unfamiliar house, we chat all kinds of topics. We will let all the pressures and all the disguises go, to feel the our real heart.

Welcome to Mancheng! Enjoy your day!

We have warm rooms with separate bathroom and the heart-to-heart service.
We provide air conditions, heating, wireless, public computers, washing machines, self-help kitchens, safedeposits, tour consultation, reading area, book area, bar and DVDs.
And we can even help you to send postcard without any charge.
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From Airport: Take No.2 Airport shuttle bus to terminal (Gelinhaotai Hotel); fare: RMB20. Walk across the street to McDonalds, head north 1 blocks down the street you will see Dagu Rd , Turn left, walk along this road, we are at No.88 Da Gu Road (you will cost 10 mins to find us).
If you missed the last departing Bus no. 2, take Bus no. 1, get off at the terminal, change to taxi, costs about RMB20.
From airport: by taxi costs about RMB 100.

By Train: 5 mins walk . Get out from east exit. Walk along tai an road, head north. When you arrive at a turntable, turn right, look for Da Gu Road. We are at No.88 Da Gu Road.

By port: take bus no. 8, get off at Zhongshan Road. Look for McDonalds and follow the above. Taxi costs RMB10

By long distance bus (Si Fang Station): take bus no. 5, get off at Da Gu Lu Station. Look for Da Gu road,
Walk 3 mins, you will see us on the left hand side of the road.