Finca Amanecer

apdo 76 6350, Quepos, 코스타리카, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 8.9km

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Finca Amanecer is no ordinary hostel. We offer an Eco-Lodge experience with breakfast at hostel prices! We are situated on 7.5 acres in Londres, 10 miles east of Quepos, on Rio Naranjo. Londres is a typical Tico pueblo and here you'll experience the real Costa Rica, not Hollywood on the beach. The clean and comfortable rooms are in an authentic, funky farm house. The temperatures here average between 20-30C or 73 to 85 F. We are cooler and greener than Quepos and you will enjoy Mother Nature's own aromatherapy.

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GPS: N 9.459899 W 84.069185

7 buses daily From Quepos. We are 150 meters after the London Bridge over Rio Naranjo. This is often the last stop for the bus. Walk across the bridge and there is a sign 150 after the bridge, on the right.

We are located on a Rural Dirt Road with scenery so fantastic, local ATV tours charge $95 to experience this, scenic adventure. You can experience it on a 40 minute bus ride for less than a dollar. (My Daddy always said, 'Sell the sizzle') You will think I have you on, 'the dirt road from Hell to now where', but there really is a Typical Tico pueblo out here.

From the 'Mercado' in Quepos: Recommended: The 2:30 Sabalo direct to Londres, costs a dollar. It is the quickest bus (40 minutes) arriving before dark as does the 4:00.

From Quepos there are 7 buses a day to Londres: 07:00 (*except Sundays); 09:00, Noon; 2:30 ( to Sabalo) ; 4:00 pm and 6:00*pm and 10:15 PM , NO service on Good Friday. Less than $1 US by bus. For safety reason all passengers must get off the bus at the bridge and walk across it. Please ask your seatmate: ''Puede informarme cuando estaremos cerca del puente de Londres?' The driveway is only 150 meters further, on the right.

A 25 minute taxi ride, $16- $20.00. Simply tell the driver Finca Amanecer --(Londres ABAJO) 150 meters despues el Puente. We are 150 meters after the London Bridge the first gate on the right. Airport pick-up from the Quepos airport is available around $20.00 per trip.

If Driving: from Quepos, at PALI go towards the airport, east 4km. (Do not turn) At the big intersection go straight on the DIRT road 10.5 Km through Naranjito and keep right at the fork in the road. After the London Bridge, we are the first entrance on the right. There is a sign, if you reach the center of town, go back 100 meters. After dark, look for the second street light on the left, our driveway is on the right.

Please note: the 'SJO' airport is actually in Alajuela, if you need Hostel recommendations search Alajuela. Direct Buses NO LONGER LEAVE COCA COLA' go to TRACOPA (calle 5 between Ave 16 & 18) in San Jose for Quepos 06:00; 9:00*; 12:00; 2:30; 6:00 & 7:30PM. Taxis can be $15.00 to $22.00 to San Jose and about $5.00 to Alajuela. On line you can book the shuttle from SJO -- Hampton Inn to Quepos for $40.00 pp. get off at Kamuk.

The other SJO option is The COLLECTIVO (4 to4.5 hours) from San Jose to Quepos its supposed to stop about 15 (to 30) minutes after leaving SJ on the Highway just outside the airport. GET a taxi to take you to la parada del Puente Villa Bonita. (look for a big gas station) . Collectivos leave San Jose at 5:30 (for Uvita); 07:00; 10:00; 2:00; 3:00 (for UVITA) and 4:00 and 5:00* * ONLY Mon-Fri. for the 9:00 D and 5:00C. Uvita passes through Quepos.