Hostel Bella 269

Bellavista 269, Esquina Loreto, Santiago, 칠레, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 7.2km

평가: 81%3 리뷰부터

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It is located in the heart of Santiago de Chile in a highly patrimonial, historic, natural and cultural n

Our hostel has the following types of rooms:

1 matrimonial bedroom (1 - 2 persons), with access to balcony, bathroom en suite.
1 room for men (max. 6 persons) with private bathroom outside the room.
1 triple room (máx.3 persons), with private bathroom en suite.
1 room for women (max. 6 persons), with access to balcony, bathroom en suite.
1 room mixed (max. 6 persons) with private bathroom outside the room.

Each bed has a locker with key. All bathrooms have shower and hot water.
When you register at reception each guest is given a set of sheets and towels, we have a special smoking area. the location its perfect to walk around the city , have taste of chileans food, and have drink. the hostal has main worries for the exclusive service for the guests , thas why we have capacity just for 23 people in 540 square meters.
1인당 가격 (1박).

예약 가능 여부 및 가격

예약 가능 여부와 가격을 보려면 날짜를 선택한 후 '날짜 업데이트'를 클릭하세요'

호스텔 시설 & 정책

  • 24시간 리셉션
  • 24시간 보안
  • 어댑터
  • 공항 픽업 및 드롭오프
  • ATM
  • BBQ
  • 자전거 대여
  • 자전거 주차
  • 책 교환
  • 조식 포함
  • 케이블 TV
  • 어린이 친화적
  • 일반실
  • 신용 카드가 허용됨
  • DVD
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  • 무료 인터넷 액세스
  • 무료 와이파이
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  • 타월 대여

취소 정책

이 숙소는 1일 취소 정책이 있습니다. 이 시간 내에 취소하지 않으면 체류 첫날 밤에 부과되는 숙박료와 똑같은 금액의 취소 수수료가 발생합니다.

꼭 알아야 할 Hostel 정보

이 숙소는 특정한 이용 약관이 있습니다.

Check in from 2 pm
* Please note breakfast is not included if you book a Dorm

지도 보기
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Its excellent location allows guests to have easy ways of arrivals.
The different ways of how to get to the hostel are as below:

If you arrive via airport
Public Transportation
Step 1:
At the airport, go outside and take the bus called 'Centropuerto'
Step 2:
The bus can leave the subway station Pajaritos, which will take the train to the Baquedano Station (red line, address Los Dom�nicos).
Step 3:
In Baquedano station should change to line 5 (green line), with a Pudahuel and off at Bellas Artes (SEE NOTE 1)

Private Transportation
From the airport you can take a shuttle and give our address (Bellavista 269, Recoleta). The approximate value of transportation is USD$ 10 - 12.

A taxi from the airport to the hostel can cost CLP $ 15.000 urban roads or $ 14.000 for the highway (about USD $ 25 - 35).

If you arrive via bus terminal
Metro (Subway)
Exit terminal and walk to the station Metrotren. Then take metro direction was Los Dom�nicos. Then get off at Baquedano, change to line 5 (green) direction Pudahuel subway station and get off at Bellas Artes (See Note 1)

A taxi from the bus station to the Hostal Bella 269 should have an approximate cost of CLP $5.000 to 7.000 (USD $ 10 - 14)

From Bellas Artes subway station, exit and walk to the street corner Monjitas Jos� Miguel de la Barra. Then follow by Jos� Miguel de la Barra to the bridge to reach Loreto and Loreto Street corner Bellavista then turn to the left over bellavista street, there is a little supermarket beside to the hostel named ekono a, look for number 269, belonging to the hostel. The whole trip should not be more than 5 minutes. the house is purple there is no way to not be seen!