3Dogs Hostel

Rua Cel. Artur Godoi 51, Sao Paulo, 브라질, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 4km
우수한 가치!

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OMG I'm going to São Paulo.
And I have to figure out a place to stay!
But where oh where do I go in this biggest city on the southern hemisphere?? Which place has it all, the best info, the largest beds, the naughtiest nights, the grooviest backpackers, the safest, most central location, the closest metro access, the chillestest hang-out?
What is thy verdict, oh great and all-powerful Hostelworld.com, seeker and finder of true hostels in the world. Thy know-er of best. Thy see-er of all. Thy hear-er of most but not everything.
What say-est thee after my *click*…?

YYAAAAYY give it up for 3Dogs hostel ! :-D

BAM - Metro station (2 colors) 34.1 seconds by horse, or 3 min walk.
BAM - Surrounded by cool bars (R$2,30 to R$7 for a beer) and restaurants. (R$6 to R$35 for a feed)
BAM - 24/7 supermarket round the corner.
BAM - Kick-ass wow-backyard with Beers, sofas, beanbags and massive banana action!
BAM - XL beds.
BAM - Neighborhood full of of plants, hummingbirds and parakeets.
BAM - Tropical fruit popsicle shop close by.
BAM - Home-baked cake for breakfast. Gone faster than you can say: "Did you just gobble half of that whole cake, in 3-seconds flat,  you inconsiderate fellow backpacker!".

*Begin special transmission*
Hello hello! Earth to middle-aged-PRIVATE-ROOM-people: We are a city-hostel!
-SHARED bathrooms (cleaned multiple times per day, but no, not after every usage, dig? See, this is why we are cheaper than the Hilton.)
-BASIC, SMALL rooms (All comforts, other than private XL beds and cupboards, are in the common spaces. This encourages meeting new people on your trip around the world, right? Right!)
-NOISIER than in a hotel, mmkay?!
*End special transmission*

And the obvious things:
- Ultra-Mega-Super fully equipped kitchen:
- Free merry bed linen
- Yessir, English speaking staff  
- Free HiFi Wifi
- Laundry service with mojo in the dojo
- Lock box, but no lock-out
- 24/7 crew presence
- Mmm... Boss-Breakfast
- Hangy Hammocks, Busty Beanbags.

3Dogs recommendations to do:
Share a large bottle of beer with our Brazilian residents: students and young urban professionals. Get them drunk enough to show you Sao paulo at day or night. Some of them are crazy enough to do it without alcoholic inebriation. Hang out in the Ibirapuera park, 20 min walk, buy ice lolly on the way. Check out various exhibits of contemporary art, oldskool art, street art or photography in the park or at Avenida Paulista, or in the metro stations, or in the museum in the park, or just in the park, or just right there in the street, or or or in the street in the museum or or in the street photography that is in a museum. Unreal! Jump of joy over our daily updated tip&trick board for special insiders tips that we´re not gonna give away just here out in the open, like.

See you soon!

Cancellation policy: 24 hours before official check-in time.
Check-in: 12.30 o'clock.
Check-out: 11.30 o'clock.
Card payments 5% surcharge
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Option 1. ($$$)
Airport pickup service 24/7, GUARULHOS and CONGONHAS.
Contact us for an Airport pick-up (24/7), at least 8 hrs before you land. Max.3 people.
Option 2. ($$)
Take the Airport Shuttle from guarulhos to TIETE BUS STATION>Take the metro, direction Jabaquara>Get out at Ana Rosa>Exit Rua Rodrigo Alves>Go straight>1st street left, at Habibs>After roundabout, continue left into Rua Artur Godoi>Number 51!
Option 3. ($)
Get the local bus number 257 from GUARULHOS airport to Tatuape Station. It runs from 5am till 12pm. At Tatuape get the red metro line direction Barra Funda, change at Se station to the blue line, direction Jabaquara and get out at Ana Rosa. Not advisable if you have too much luggage, or if you can't carry it yourself.