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MRT Taipower Building station Exit 3, Taipei, 타이페이, 대만, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 8.4km
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1983 Hostel is definetely a PERFECT choice when you visit Taipei, which takes 1 minutes by walk to one of the best night market in Taipei and 5 minutes to MRT station.The new hostel is cosy, friendly, and clean! All staffs are willing to offer any help from you.

There are five rooms (26 beds), two wonderful recreation area, kitchen, toilets, and shower rooms in 1983 Hostel. For each bed we offer basic sheet stuff, besides, we also offer a READING LIGHT, and an EXTRA pillow for each bed!

The recreation area in 1st floor is really cosy and beautiful which has a 60-inch TV and free wifi. You can easily get a seat and read a book or make your tour plan, or just do nothing and feel free to stay here and meet some cool guys.

Beside the Recreation ares is a mini kitchen, which has a gas cooktop, bakery and microwave. Of course we also have toilet and shower rooms with 24 hours hot water.

There is another smaller recreation are in basement, you can easily find a quiet place to read your book here.
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=== From Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei Main Station ===

@ By bus ( )

Kuokuang Line (國光客運):No. 1819 ( full fare 125 / half fare 65 / return ticket 230 )

@ By taxi ( )

* Taxi fare is based on the meter plus a 15% surcharge, highway tolls not included.
* The trip to Taipei Main Station takes about 45 minutes and NTD 1000.
* For that most taxi drivers do not speak English, you can prepare a message card with our address in Chinese in advanced.

===From Taipei Main Station to Taipower Building Station ===

Taipei Main Station
1) Take the MRT Green line to Taipower Building Station (台電大樓) and take the Exit 3.
지하철 녹색 라인을 타셔서 타이파워빌딩 역에 하차하신 후 3번 출구로 나오시면 됩니다.

2) Turn right after going out of the exit 3 and then turn right again at Shi-Da Road (師大路) in 10 metres.
3번 출구로 나오신 후 바로 우회전 하신 후, 10미터 정도 걸어가셔서 사대로 방향으로 우회전하십시오.

3) Go straight along Shi-Da Road for about 250 metres. (You’ll see Welcome supermarket at your right side and Burger King at your left side on the way)
沿著師大路步行約250公尺 (途中你會看到Welcome頂好超市在你右手邊,接著會看到漢堡王在你的左手邊。
사대로를 따라 약 250미터 정도 걸어가시면 됩니다. (걸어가시는 동안 우측에는 웰컴마트, 좌측에는 버거킹을 보실 수 있습니다.)

4) Turn Right at Shi-Da Road Lane 93, you’ll see the sports (Momentum) and clothes stores (H:CONNECT) at the corner. (This small lane is 1 block before 7-11)
在師大路93巷右轉, 巷口你會看到運動用品店(摩曼頓)和服飾店(H:CONNECT)。(這條巷子是7-11前一條巷子)
사대로 lane93에서 우회전하십시오. 스포츠용품점(모멘텀)과 옷 가게 (에이치커넥트) 사이의 골목으로 들어오시면 됩니다.

5) Go straight along the small alley, and you can see our hostel on your left side at the 2nd crossroad (No. 17) (There is a wooden address board on the GREY front door)
沿著巷子走到第二個路口,Hostel就在你的左手邊 (泰順街17號) (灰色大門上有一個地址木牌)
들어오신 골목을 따라 쭉 걸어오시면, 두번째 골목 왼편에 1983 호스텔이 있습니다. (회색 대문 위에 주소가 적힌 나무 명패가 걸려있습니다.)