Taipei MRT Hostel

No 138 Jihe Road, Shilin District, 타이페이, 대만, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 3.7km

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*MRT Stay *
A modern and fashionable home stay, it is a shared apartment, unlike a normal hotel.
It combines a flexible term, a comfortable price, different room styles, convenient transportation and excellent location.
Its clean environment is near MRT stations and its complete amenities will make you feel at home.
Staying here will make you relax naturally and help you get to your destinations quickly.
Our location also makes it easy to sample the different foods available in Taipei.
Our location is very convenient compared to other accommodations in Taipei, so you may miss your top room choice if you dont make a reservation. Therefore, please check the room availably based on your check-in date and number of people before booking your stay, and If your preference room rented out .we may arrange other rooms of the same class.

Amenities include: bed, LCD TV, air conditioning, free WIFI, free cable TV, water heater, electronic hot water kettle , toilet paper, shampoo, hair conditioner, body lotion, facial cleaner, toothpaste, hair dryer.
For personal hygiene consideration, we do not provide any toothbrushes or towels.

This room is in a convenient & comfortable business apartment in Taipei City. It is suitable for family stays, business visits, tourists or students for a short-term study. It’s within a walking distance to MRT exit and bus stops. Easy to catch a Taxi and arrange a door-to-door pick up.

It is located in the street of Shinlin Night market, the biggest and famous night market in Taipei as one of the four must-visit spots in Taipei.

The room has a double bed, and its own attached bathroom. The room is also equipped with an air-conditioner, LED TV, free cable and free wireless internet connection. Each room is offered free body cleaner, shampoo, toothpaste and tissues. But you need to carry your owned toothbrush and towel for sanitary consideration.

Guests are free to use the washing machine, refrigerator, mini-oven, electric teapot, and hair-drier stored in the shared area. But they can’t be taken away from the apartment.

The room will be clean-up and changed the bed-sheet before your arrival. But during your stay, it will be self-serve so do keep the room clean.

1. We don’t have 24/7 on-site staff and our crew needs to handle many visitors everyday so you need to make an appointment for check-in (regular check in time: 3pm to 7pm)
2. If you can’t check in during regular hours, you need to get “Mrt Stay” approval in advance and you may pay the surcharge for crew’s overtime work.
PS. Check-in between 12pm~3pm will charge extra NT$100, and NT$100/hr for being earlier than 12pm. Ex NT$100/12pm, NT$200/11am, NT$300/10am …
PPS. Check-in after 8pm will also charge extra NT$100 per hour. Ex NT$100/8pm, NT$200/9pm, NT$300/10pm …
If you can’t make appointment, please give us an early notice at least 2 hours ahead by phone or by text-message. Otherwise we will charge your missed appointment as overtime service and thank you for your consideration.
What time would you like to check in?
Please give our representatives a call after your flight’s arrival to update your status.
When you meet our designated pick-up location please call our representatives again and describe your appearance so our representatives can recognize you easily.
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1.We require a minimum 2-night stay for the same room guests booking.
2.We only allow booking by reservations and we also do not accept reservations less than 48 hours before check-in.
3.Please email us the dates you are staying and the number of people in your group .
We will tell you the availability of our rooms before you place a reservation.
4.Please leave your email address and phone number so we can send back the reservation information to your email account. Please reply to us to confirm that you have received the above information.
5.Please notify us of your check-in time in advance. We do not have staff on site all the time, so in order for us to meet each other, please make an appointment for check-in during 3pm~7pm or we will charge you an extra NT$100/hour for check-in if you miss the time window.
6.Guests subscript 24 hours after the balance remitted to the designated account is not complete booking action

We do not have 24 hours on-site staff
so you need to make an appointment for check-in (regular check in time: 3pm to 7pm)
What time would you like to check in?
If you can not check in during regular hours. you need to pay the surcharge for staff\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s overtime work.
PS: Check-in (before 1pm/ after 8pm )will also charge extra NT$100 per hour