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Primado Reig 42, 5-A, 발렌시아, 스페인, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 2km

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First of all, we are an experienced group of young students in the famous live in shared apartments. Our experience living and relating to over many years in rented apartments, opened our eyes to a great need and difficulty that many people (young and low income in particular) in temporary accommodation and economically in Valencia.

As part also affected by these difficulties, we decided to dedicate ourselves to find solutions and intelligently contribute our bit to alleviate part of the problem of housing in Spain suffered general, facilitate and encourage this type of temporary accommodation and cheap.

Today, we are private individuals who manage apartments, which for want of time and experience, the owners hire us to adapt and rent for a short time
(up to 3 months).

The idea of renting rooms for short stays is to solve the delicate situation in which there are many people who for various reasons, need a place to stay temporarily in Valencia to Valencia students who come from other cities or countries and need to stay momentary and immediately to find a permanent home, people who for reasons of tourism, labor, business, practice, etc.. are passing through Valencia and seek the comforts of home without paying more than a hotel.

Both Valencia and throughout Spain, called "Shared Flats" are a very common and popular way to stay cheaply and comfortably against the high prices of rental properties in Spain. However, the overwhelming majority of apartment owners prefer to rent their apartments for a long time (6 months or 1 year minimum) to save the time and effort to be constantly looking for a tenant. This is what explains, the real difficulty for many people in finding accommodation for the simple reason of not needing shelter for so long.

We rent rooms for short durations to facilitate and resolve the problem of these people and that his alternative is not limited to exhaust its economy paying a lot in hotels, hostels and shelters, where they often share a room with many unknown clients, subject to schedules input and output and high standards that reduce the freedom, comfort and well being we all need to feel at home.

Welcome home!


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IMPORTANT: After making your booking you will receive an email informing you about the exact address of the apartment where you will be staying.

Alojamiento Xquer
Plaza Xquer. Calle Vinalop, 7-25
46021 Valencia