7 Sages(Qixian)Youth Hostel

Courtyard 5 of QiXianZhuang, 1 Beixin street, 시안, 중국, 시티 센터로부터의 거리: 1.4km
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The hostel is in a classic Chinese row houses community - a real historical architecture in xi'an.we are cheapest one in the city center.it is only one of the 10 most characteristic youth hostels in China.

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The hostel is located next to the old city wall and is about 1km from xi'an main rail station only.

Catch Taix to our hostel,it only cost around 8 Yuan, just show our chinese address for driver.

Walk to our hostel, when you walk out from the channel of train station, you can find ShangDe Gate(尚德们) onthe right front of you,cross ,then walk straight around 2~3 mins , You will find ShengHe Hospital (圣和医院)on your right hand,from there you can turn right, walk along the XIqi Road around 8~10 mins , you will find us on your left.
From xi'an North train Station, Catch Metro Line 2,get off from BeiDaJie(北大街),then walk along the east side of BeiDaJie(北大街)to the direction to north gate around 5 mins ,you will find HuaShan International Hostel ,from there turn right ,walk along Xiqi Road (西七路) around 10 Mins , you can find us on the coner of next big crossing.

From Xi'an xianyang airport :
You can take shuttle bus to the BELL TOWER,then you can take the no.610/11/4 bus from ZhongLouBei(钟楼北) to BEIXIN STREET,then walk 5 mins to our Hostel,or take a taxi only cost 8RMB.
Pick up Service
Airport (180RMB, flight no. arrival time, take-off city needed) Xi'an main Railway Station (FREE, train no. arrival time needed)